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Gregor Schneider

Hauptstraße 85 a

July 3rd 2014 – March 19th 2015

Schneider relies on that which has disappeared to reveal itself and be perceptible in idiosyncratic, non-sensory manner, and the confirmation that Hauptstrasse 85a is the right address of his work for the Stommeln synagogue permits the visitor to grasp the travesty he has created there with great effort.

It is the first time that Schneider makes a building disappear by giving it a completely new facing. […]

In his work for the Stommeln synagogue, he combines an appreciation of Jewish piety with a rejection of the German culture of commemoration.”

[1] A drawing by Max Neuhaus is accompanied by the following words: “Sound marking time with its disappearance / Ordering the day into twelve equal sections / According to season / Giving a voice to a vacant house of the spirit.” Ill. in: Max Neuhaus, Time Piece Stommeln (Pulheim, 2007), n. p.

Excerpt from the catalogue text by Ulrick Loock
Translation: Judith Rosenthal

July 3rd 2014 – March 19th 2015

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