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Olaf Metzel


October 4, 2009 January 17, 2010
1) Paul Celan, Sprachgitter, in: Die Niemandsrose. Sprachgitter. Gedichte. Frankfurt a.M.,13th edition. 2003, p. 104

TheTuring Test was proposed by Alan Turing in 1950, and was supposed to determine whether a machine demonstrates the same intelligence as a human being. In the test, a human interrogator uses a keyboard and a screen to conduct a conversation with two partners unknown to him, and without having visual or audio contact to them. One of the interview partners is human, the other a machine. Both try to convince the interrogator that they are cogitating human beings. If the interrogator, following intense interrogation, is unable to tell clearly which one of the two is the machine, the latter will have passed the Turing Test and will be credited with an intelligence equal to that of a human.

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Diashow (3 Pictures)

Installation View

Olaf Metzel, Sprachgitter, Photo: Fritz Barth

Olaf Metzel,Sprachgitter , Photo: Fritz Barth

Olaf Metzel,Sprachgitter